Upcoming NDT Training Courses

UT Level III – April 26-30, State College, PA (Confirmed)

AE Level I – May 3-7, State College, PA (Tentative)

UT Level II – May 24-28, State College, PA (Tentative)

MT/PT Level II – June 1-4, State College, PA (confirmed)

UT Level I – June 7-11, State College, PA (Confirmed)

UT Level III – June 28-July2, State College, PA (Tentative)

Contact us right away for any of these courses!


3 Responses to Upcoming NDT Training Courses

  1. Janatul says:

    Is there any more AE courses held in Malaysia soon? specifically Level I. Thanks

    • winsndt says:

      Hi Janatul,

      We are planning on having one later this year but we do not have the required number of trainees just yet.

      Thank you.

      WINS NDT

  2. Janatul says:

    OK please count me in then. But I’m actually not too sure which level to start – I hold an MSc and Ph.D in Sound & Vibration, ISVR (Uni. of Southampton, UK) graduate. My first degree was in Electronic Eng. with Music Technology Systems (Uni. of York, UK). So can I skip Level I, and straight away do Level II or III.. Is there any advantage/disadvantage/consequences? Thanks.

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