Upcoming NDT Training Courses for June-July 2010

June 14, 2010

Level II Ultrasonic Testing, June 28-July 2, State College, PA

Ultrasonic Weld Inspection, July 6-8, State College, PA

Level II Acoustic Emission Testing, July 12-16, State College, PA

Level III Acoustic Emission Testing, July 19-23, State College, PA

Level II Magnetic Particle Testing & Liquid Penetrant Testing, July 26-30, State College, PA

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Pipeline Welding Inspection Training Course Outline

April 20, 2010

As announced earlier, WINS is conducting a training course suited for field inspectors in pipeline welding inspection. The general course modular outline is as follows:

  1. Basic review of welding processes and procedures (5 hours)
  2. Codes and procedures (6 hours) (CFR 192, 195, ASME B31.4, 31.8, API 1104)
  3. Elements of welding Inspection (3 hours)
  4. Visual inspection of pipeline welds (2 hours)
  5. Non destructive inspection of pipeline welds (5 hours) (RT, PT, MT, UT)
  6. Recap of course and practice exam & review (3 hours)

Contact us immediately! The course is scheduled for June 14-16, 2010 in State College, PA.

Upcoming NDT Training Courses

April 16, 2010

UT Level III – April 26-30, State College, PA (Confirmed)

AE Level I – May 3-7, State College, PA (Tentative)

UT Level II – May 24-28, State College, PA (Tentative)

MT/PT Level II – June 1-4, State College, PA (confirmed)

UT Level I – June 7-11, State College, PA (Confirmed)

UT Level III – June 28-July2, State College, PA (Tentative)

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Pipeline Weld Inspection Training Course

April 8, 2010

WINS is offering a 3-day course to train inspectors in the different aspects involved with the inspection of oil and natural gas pipelines. The course is scheduled (tentatively) for the week of June 14. Interested parties contact us immediately. Limited number of seats available. Course Location: State College, PA.

Ultrasonic Testing UT Level III – Practice Exam

April 7, 2010

WINS provides their customers with practice exams towards preparing for the ASNT Level III Ultrasonic Testing examination. The practice exam cover both the Basic Exam (55 questions) and the Method Examination (65 questions). These exams are available online, for a nominal fee. Contact us right away!!!

Long Range Ultrasound – Principles and Applications

April 7, 2010

President of WINS, Dr. Thomas Hay, gave an invited talk at the ASNT Greater Philadelphia chapter meeting on April 1, 2010, about the principles and applications of long range ultrasound.

View the presentation by clicking on the following link: Presentation

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To learn more about long range ultrasound technology, visit our website: WINS NDT

Bridge Cable Inspection – Research Contract Award

March 31, 2010

WINS NDT has been awarded a contract by the Transportation Research Board’s NCHRP-IDEA program to conduct research in to the long range ultrasonic technology’s application for the inspection of bridge cables. To learn more about WINS bridge cable inspection, please click here “WINS Cable Inspection